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Blended Learning Course

Man Online LearningIn order to be a good online instructor, teachers need to first experience online learning as a student. Teachers will participate as online students using various tools in Moodle (i.e. discussion boards, online glossary, online assessments, blogs, wikis, and uploading of documents). Teachers will also set up their own hybrid courses in Moodle. The purpose of the course is to supplement teaching you already do face-to-face and create a learning environment where students can continue to learn beyond classroom walls. Finally, teachers will participate as practice students in one another’s courses. Participants can receive their WI Online Certificate of Completion which meets Wisconsin requirements to teach online.

Creating Effective Flipped Classrooms

Creating Effective Flipped ClassroomsIn this course, participants will learn about the educational research behind flipped learning. We will share best practices and practical examples. We will also share how-to's such as how to effectively use your interactive whiteboard to create content and other technology tools such as Moodle, Screenr, Screen-o-matic, Snag-it, and Camtasia.

Differentiation and Assessment in Moodle

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This four week course walks you through some of the advanced features of Moodle such as quiz options, conditionals, Moodle workshop, and course completion. You will learn how Moodle can be used to improve assessment, differentiation, and make personalized learning possible. This course is facilitated so you will have interactive opportunities (synchronous and asynchronous) to work with a Moodle trainer to address specific questions you may have. Also provided with registration is access to the eClass4learning’s Moodle Reference Desk, a course filled with “how-to” videos and documents.

Moodle Instructional Design Course

Instructional DesignIn this four week online course you will learn tips and tricks for making your Moodle Courses look more professional. The course contains both asynchronous activities and live webinars to interact with consultants and ask questions. Model courses will also be shared.

Moodle Jumpstart

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Jumpstart into Moodle

This self-paced online introductory course takes you through the basic features of Moodle while encouraging you to experiment with Moodle at your own Moodle site. This course helps you get started using Moodle as a teacher and/or course builder. Topics introduced in the course include learning about available course settings, selecting a course layout and theme, editing a course, adding activities and resources, working with blocks, the gradebook, adding images and media, enrolling students and using groups. The amount of time you spend within different topics depends on your level of experience as a Moodle user.

You will be provided with six weeks of access to this course from the date of enrollment. While working through this course you will have access to an FAQ forum where you can post questions and receive assistance from a course facilitator. You will also have access to the eClass4learning Reference Desk that has many additional support materials. If you do not have access to a Moodle site and you need us to provide you with a sandbox course development area you can contact the facilitator for assistance and one will be provided. This course is designed so that course participants who work in their own Moodle course areas or a requested Moodle course at eClass4learning will benefit the most from course resources.

If you want to receive a certificate of completion for this course, all items in the course must be viewed and certain activities must be completed.  

Workshops and Presentations

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